Hauck sponsors legislation creating ‘Prostate Cancer Awareness License Plate’

Hauck sponsors legislation creating ‘Prostate Cancer Awareness License Plate’

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Roger Hauck on Thursday introduced legislation that would authorize a new fundraising license plate to raise both funds and awareness for prostate cancer prevention and screenings.

“Prostate cancer was the second-most common cancer among men, and 64,000 Michiganders were diagnosed with this terrible disease from 2011 to 2019,” said Hauck, R-Mt. Pleasant. “This is an effort to not only show support for those who have been affected, but also to raise critical resources to help more men be aware of and take control of their health.”

Senate Bill 62 would require the secretary of state to develop a fundraising license plate recognizing prostate cancer awareness. The measure also creates a fund within the Michigan Department of Treasury and money from the sale of the license plate would be placed within that fund.

Donations from the fund would be distributed quarterly to the Prostate Cancer Understanding Prevention Screenings Foundation, a charitable organization that works to promote men’s health through education, early detection screenings, and other treatment or care options.

Special cause fundraising license plates are created at no cost to the state and are used for a variety of causes. Plates cost $35, $25 of which goes directly to the applicable charity of cause. The Prostate Cancer Awareness License Plate would join a variety of other plates that support causes like breast cancer awareness, the Donate Life campaign and Michigan veterans.

SB 62 was referred to the Senate Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for further consideration.




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