Hauck renews calls for transparency, action to shield Michigan from border crisis

Hauck renews calls for transparency, action to shield Michigan from border crisis

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Roger Hauck again voiced his concern for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s lack of transparency regarding the impact the ongoing migrant crisis at our southern border is having on Michigan and called on Democratic leadership in the Senate to take up legislation aimed at reducing the effect Michigan feels from President Joe Biden’s failed policies.

“Federal intelligence agencies have acknowledged that known terrorists have taken advantage of the wide-open border, and the Department of Homeland Security recently warned about the increased risk of an attack on American soil,” said Hauck, Mt. Pleasant. “This is an issue we need to take seriously, and current leadership continues to negligently turn a blind eye.”

The bills introduced by Senate Republicans seek to shield Michigan from the growing presence of fentanyl in the state, eliminate the practice of sanctuary cities and counties that do not prosecute criminals, and demand the federal government does its job to protect American citizens. Hauck says the failure to acknowledge these as serious issues unnecessarily puts people at risk.

“The influx of fentanyl and unvetted individuals are a very real threat to our national security and the safety of American citizens,” Hauck said. “Crime and overdoses are increasing all over the country and, unfortunately, have begun to hit home here in Michigan. Crime sprees are taking hold in Southeast Michigan, the tragic murder of Ruby Garcia and the assault on two minor girls in Sturgis should be eye-opening, but our leadership is actively ignoring the issue. We can’t keep brushing it under the rug and forcing American citizens to pay the price.”

Hauck joined other Republican senators in requesting that Senate Committee of Civil Rights, Judiciary, and Public Safety Chair Stephanie Chang take up the Stronger Borders, Safer Communities plan in committee and that the governor release information regarding the impact the southern border crisis is having on Michigan. Neither request received a response or acknowledgment from Chang or Whitmer.

“There are some concerns about whether or not tax dollars are being used to house people who are here illegally — and the overall lack of information or attempts to address these concerns from the governor’s administration about an issue that very clearly affects the public, in addition to using public dollars, left us, and I think much of the public, with a lot to be desired.

“I’d like to see this get the attention it deserves and have leadership start giving us an opportunity to take some votes.”


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