Video from Senator Roger Hauck

Sen. Hauck: Stop Costly Mandates on State Construction Projects

ALERT: Democrats in Lansing just passed a bill which would dramatically increase construction costs on state building projects by limiting who can bid them. This new mandate – quietly slipped into the budget – would require every person on a state building construction job site go through a federally registered apprenticeship program. Electricians, plumbers, laborers, carpenters, painters, and even people sweeping floors would no longer be able to bid on jobs unless they completed or are enrolled in an apprenticeship program. This will even impact people who have been doing these projects for decades because if their program wasn’t federally registered or if their trade didn’t require an apprenticeship they can no longer bid. Look I’m all for apprenticeship programs. They’re a great tool and I would recommend them to anyone. But mandating this will increase the cost of state buildings dramatically. This was put in the budget as a handout to the unions, but from my understanding many union shops won’t even be able to comply because not all of their members have gone through a federally recognized apprenticeship program. Unfortunately, my amendment to remove this was defeated on a party line vote. (May 14, 2024)
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