Hauck opposes Right to Work repeal

Hauck opposes Right to Work repeal

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Roger Hauck on Tuesday issued the following statement after partisan legislation to repeal Michigan’s Right to Work law was passed by the Senate:

“For nearly three decades, I was a proud, card-carrying member of the United Steelworkers Local 2-585. I was not just a member — I was elected by my fellow steelworkers as a steward and eventually, chief steward.

“I was in the trenches, negotiating with management, and representing my co-workers and fellow union members. When Right to Work passed and unions across the state sounded the alarm, I didn’t bat an eye. I knew the value my union presented to myself and to other employees, and I knew that service would only continue to improve.

“We didn’t need intimidation or mandates for employees to see the value of their union. Shouldn’t this be the case for all unions? Shouldn’t they be able to make the case to their workers that their dues are worth it? Many life choices can be made depending on what is best for your individual needs and seeking employment in this state should be no different.

“Right to Work shouldn’t affect any union that is doing things the right way. Make your case, prove your worth, and the members will follow. Forcing people into something is never the avenue to success.

“Those who feel their views are represented by their union should be able to choose to participate — those who feel their views or concerns aren’t adequately addressed should not be forced to pay for underrepresentation. If unions want higher numbers, they need to earn it. It’s not the state’s job to artificially prop up union membership through a legislative mandate.

“All repealing this law would do is protect the few bad apples who aren’t doing it the right way. As a proud union member, I voted no on this anti-worker bill.”


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